What is Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the marketing where you sell other’s products/services and you will earn a commission. The interesting part is here you will not see them physically or you don’t need to sell them by yourself.

You just have to send the users to the product through your affiliate link. And if the user buys the product or service you will get the commission.

There are different Affiliate programs to join. You can join the following affiliate programs.

  1. Amazon Affiliate program
  2. Flipkart Affiliate program
  3. Snapdeal affiliate program
  4. Ebay Affiliate program

Click the above links to know how to join the affiliate program.

There are other affiliate programs also but the above-mentioned affiliate programs are the basic ones. So I think now you got an idea of what is affiliate marketing.

You can check out the below links:

How to join Amazon affiliate program

How to join Flipkart affiliate program


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