Top 6 tech products one should have


Smart Bracelet

Smart bracelets that will help you get the most out of each exercise during In recent years the fitness gadgets have experienced great expansion in the market. Use them to sportsmen, so the users who want to get rid of excess weight, but I people who simply want to lead a healthy lifestyle and “embrace” a healthy lifestyle. They can be found in various shapes and designs, most resistant to the impact of external factors (rain, dust, increased radiation …) And there are models that pores standard of freedom Sig can chatter and heart function, specifically, they should be mere Puls, But I’m being professional ten personal fitness coaches their owners.



LG wireless speakers hovering above the levitating pedestals provide superior audio quality, in addition to attractive design and represent a real visual experience. In addition to striking looks, speakers offer users the ability to listen to music and other audio content both at home and abroad. PJ9 will delight users of its levitating which enabled powerful electromagnets placed in the base, which is why the cables are completely unnecessary. The model includes technology and dual passive radiators, thanks to which reproduce the medium and high.


3. ErSelfie

ErSelfi can be worn beneath the smartphone, but it is controlled by a virtual joystick on the phone when he wants to make a video or photo image, writes the portal Business layer.

The drone is equipped with a camera of five-megapixel camera that can record HD video, and with it comes the SD card 4GB.

ErSelfi is compatible with smartphones like the iPhone 6, 7:07 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Edge, Motorola Q9 and Google Pixel.

After taking photos or video will land in the hands of users, and the recorded content via Wi-Fi network is transferred to the phone and no problem parts on social networks.



The creator of these glasses, the Celal Goger, says the idea came four months ago, while the tram checked my email and see how many people were looking for his smartphone.

Turkish repairer of mobile phones, the Celal Goger (42), made the glasses that allow only the person wearing them to see what is displayed on the smartphone screen. This means that you will never have that putting your phone from prying passengers in public transport who love to watch on other people’s screens.



5. Fast charger

Our quick charging technology is miles ahead of the competition and the speed and the size of the charger – stand out from the company that made the portable charger ASAP Dash.

Itself a portable charger is charging 16 times faster than the other, and battery in it can last up to four times longer.

Quick Charger was developed with Vinson Li’s colleagues in Sydney. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh, which means that a single charge it can hold the phone “live” more than 48 hours.

– Our quick charging technology is miles ahead of the competition and the speed and the size of the charger – stand out from the company.

The battery in the charger ASAP Dash will be able to take up to three years. It will cost about 89 dollars and is expected to go on sale in June this year.


6. Solar battery and impact resistant

God has a reason first created light and all the rest. Now is your turn to exploit the greatest and most underrated divine invention. Recharge your devices sunlight, anytime and anywhere. This charger that runs on solar power is easily portable and can power two devices at once, and at the same time and saves the planet from global warming. However, if for any reason you do not prefer the daylight or at least do not spend the same significant amount of time and you think that this is the product for you – you’re wrong! The battery can be recharged by simply connecting via a USB cable to the PC.


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