Technology behind the PC games


The video game industry is also known as the interactive entertainment industry and represents economic sector which includes the development, marketing, and sale of video games. This is one of fastest growing industries in the world that offers an increasing number of jobs and generates all higher profits. According to Patrik Franc in the work modern video game industry, from 2005 to 2008 in the United States, the annual growth rate in the area of software intended for the party was 10%, while the growth rate of the overall economy was something less than 2%. In this field, today employs over 120,000 people in the United States. 1 Since the 1970s when it began to develop to this day, the gaming industry has gone the way of fun activities for a narrow circle of people to the mainstream, ie. to activities that practiced by almost all.

Previous studies related to the gaming industry

Technology behind PC games


About 10 years ago things were in the field of gaming industry started to significantly change primarily due to the development of Internet technologies. All those who have studied making video games get the opportunity to work and distribute its games digitally as much reduce costs and give space for a whole range of new creative interventions that are the rapid development of the industry. With the advent of the Apple iPhone in a way stabilized the market for games mobile devices, and the emergence of applications such as Unity, GameMaker and Twinea enabled and making games and those who do not understand the coding and greatly shorten the time required for making simple games. All this has resulted in radical changes in the production and distribution games. For example, the production of consoles has greatly progressed so every year manufacturers are bringing news about different types of upgrades that not only changing the way in which the games are played but also the manner in which they are conceived and operate in certain social habits and customs. All the more attention is given to gaming and in scientific circles, that is, trying to analyze. Cultural and sociological aspects of this phenomenon and find answers that could improve the development of the area.

So far, in the context of video games often talked about the negative impact they have on the players (Dependency, social withdrawal, encourage aggressive and violent behavior), but in the last while more attention is given to the understanding of the positive impacts that gaming has to social everyday life, stressing the importance of regular mapping gaming trends, ie. all those socio-demographic characteristics of gamers and gamer that could point out the positive and negative effects of the socio-cultural context.

Video games have become an indispensable part of modern culture, but also the industry in which they operate different profiles of artists and innovators who meet the increasingly complex demands and needs of gamers tend to respond in a way that includes some of the greatest technological achievements of today and skills that integrate different areas of human activity. In this industry, therefore, important to the well to listen to the market needs and meet those whom they intended these products and services. For this purpose, carried out an increasing number of studies that seek to enlightening and get acquainted with the participants and the gaming industry. For this reason, changing the methods and research in this area and the dominant theme of which is written in scientific papers.

Although still considerable attention is given to the negative the effects of gaming, more and more papers dealing with the positive impact and the ways in which the industry improves the situation in the society. Also, the number of works dealing with the function Marketing in the gaming industry.

Factors that encourage the development of gaming industry

Technology behind PC games


The main factors that have spurred the development of the gaming industry are related to development computer technology and the Internet, but the development of individual branches of the gaming industry can connect with certain social factors, such as.

The development of free Internet video games sometimes associated with unemployment and excess of free time. In the 90s of the last century, only one thing limiting any potential that is had the gaming industry – is still underdeveloped technology. Addictive games on electronic and computing devices kept them as complex as far as the devices to able to handle it. No 90-E are also the period when the situation in this area begins serious change as devices become more convenient, faster and more efficient. The development of processors (CPU) and graphics chip (GPU) paved the way for the development of 3D graphics, as well as programs and systems based graphical user interface. 3D environment allowed the developers series new possibilities of expression of ideas and virtual worlds. It has also encouraged the development of new genres, some of which are extremely popular today, for example, role-playing game (RPG) shooters, 3D platformer, fighting games, racing and so on. If we take into account today’s popularity Game Pokemon Go, it is interesting to note that the 90-ies the best-selling game was Pokémon Red / Blue with over 30 million copies sold.  With the invention of CDs, the storage and distribution of video games become much easier (Nintendo 64, released in 1996 was the last console that is used cassette).

The beginning of the 21st century in this industry is characterized by digital distribution and development Internet technologies. Internet gaming community has led to a whole new level by enabling players to play together or against each other which has greatly influenced the design of the games but also console. Digital distribution has enabled small and independent producers successfully business which also enriches the gaming industry.

At the time, a popular station and a process called modding (Eng.), Ie, modifying the code games (Fixing bugs, redesign, etc.). Thanks to the Internet, such as on the procedures gamers could mutually faster and easier to consult.

The last two years we have witnessed a new revolution in the field of gaming which includes primarily the implementation of VR (virtual reality) concept in video games, as well as all available technology and equipment that allows users to make a completely new way to experience worlds favorite games. Interest in VR video games is growing fast, according to some estimated revenue of this kind of video games in 2020 at the global level would be able to amount to 22.9 billion dollars.

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