How to sell a Gadget to a sceptic

You can have the best gadget in the world but if its presentation is poor, you vain effort (players).

A Man is a visual being.

Although it ourselves we do not like to admit it, we judge based on looks.

People who have given us more attractive, more beautiful and better trained, we like, we lenient.

Our visual mind the process of creating sympathy for something is identical when it comes to products. What we prefer packaging, item us look more beautiful and attractive, the safer it will be the product ultimately purchased.

Of course, there are people who read those finely written compositions product, country of origin, comparing weight and choose something at first glance quite simple as a jar of pickles minutes.

Such was conscious consumers, fortunately for traders, manufacturers and marketing experts, very few.

As a rule book by its cover tried a large number of people.

Do you think you’re not the one?

Here’s a simple test.

Are you going to buy this phone?

This :

How to sell a Gadget to a sceptic

or this one:

How to sell a Gadget to a sceptic

We think you have chosen these other.

Phones, Songs, cleaners or even flour – all worth the same.

Nicer better sales.

You got 7 seconds to impress with customer packaging

In “normal” trade, that we love to describe as a place with walls, floor, ceiling, and shelves, played out a real war.

The winner is the one who ends up with the police in the shopping cart or trolley.

In this “war with the shelf” that looked more like a candidate for pulling a beauty contest jury has 7 seconds.

In fact, so should the human brain to make a first impression. And how else than visually.

Sales: Do you know how to sell and that you have a skilled salesman? Selling is the key to making a profit. Nothing happens without a sale. If you move or already are in business then you know that a lot of things in business revolves around profit.

Today, successful sellers among the richest people in the world. Your sales skills can allow a high income and a secure job. The most important skills for success in business is the ability to sell something. And any skill can be learned and perfected, including sales skills. Regardless of what we know, this is still a lot of people do not like to sell, and say they will do anything to not have anything to sell. Always be nice when I hear this. So many people do not like selling but on the other hand every day selling yourself, your ideas, ideas and the like.

How to sell a Gadget to a sceptic

Every day we sell something their partners, children, colleagues, bosses, parents, and they are to us. Every time you want to go to the cinema and manage to convince partners or a partner, and they accept with pleasure to watch a movie that you want, you are he or she sold her story. How do they sell and ‘forcing the water to your mill’ the same thing happens in business, just as you do not sell a movie that you like to watch – care products or services. The sale is essentially a very simple skill for which mastering it takes a little knowledge of human psychology and the legality of the sale.

How to sell a Gadget to a sceptic

You can not sell to everyone in the same way.

You must first find out as much information about the customer. Then you know what they need to sell, and then you can sell them exactly what they want, in a way to satisfy their needs. I like to joke and say that children are actually the best sellers, always get what they want. Well, sometimes just need to be like children, curious and open-minded and we just need to dare to ask and listen, not talk incessantly and do not pay attention to the other person.

Today on the market there are a lot of companies engaged in training and education in sales and communication skills. Each HRK you spend on it will return to you many times. I myself work with customers to increase profits and business expansion, along with consulting and coaching are an integral part of the program and training of sales and communication for professionals and businesses. It is worth noting if you make a great project, a business plan and expansion strategy, then it is no one to implement and sell existing and new end-user or client.

Let me give an example of his client, a company that specializes in consulting and marketing of telecommunications services. When you make your business cooperation I sought that besides training sales skills do individual coaching with each member of the team. Each of us has their beliefs, fears, and obstacles that and how these affect the results that we achieve and the personal and the business environment.

How to sell a Gadget to a sceptic

At the joint training to remain hidden, people for various reasons do not want to show their weaknesses, and many are not even aware that they have them. In this way, combining individual and group training we have achieved phenomenal results because all the team members solve their doubts and limiting beliefs, and the joint training we sharpen skills in sales, and in three months increased results by 50%.

We have witnessed how the business collapses or closes in different fields because the owners and their employees were skilled in sales and did not know to set up and build a team that will manage and runs the business. This is particularly evident now in these times of crisis and recession when buyers have become choosy when weighing every dollar where it will spend. Times of mass selling passes, today increasingly coming to the fore direct sales which require building relationships with existing customers, and it requires a lot more investment of time and effort in order to gain and retain customers and clients.

How to sell a Gadget to a sceptic

Today when the market is saturated with different products and services and when there is competition in almost all the only way to get and keep the customer is the level of service you provide and how you treat them. Despite the crisis and the recession, people continue to buy and spend their money just maybe not to you but your money to leave the competition or elsewhere. Your task is to get them to spend with you. And it will be able only if you become a better and more skilled in selling and promoting their products and services.

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