Famous technology gadgets till today

If somebody 20 years ago said that we type on some kind of ‘smartphones’ and in his room to print complex 3D objects, we would say to him to make peace with your Star Trek. However, it seems to us the future caught up with …

Yes, yes …, the future is now, and we have every day of witnessing a new, incredible wonders of technology. Probably the most significant invention since the steam engine, the computer coupled to the Internet, enable the incredible development of various technologies, devices and ideas, which will in the near future (and some today) to change the world. Whether it is about space exploration, the miniaturization of computers, new materials or accelerated development of biotechnology, follow us the truly exciting year. You therefore brings 10 wonders of the future, which are still in the realms of science fiction, but in them (with a sizable amount of money) we can enjoy more in the present.

1Autonomous cars that do not require drivers

Famous technology gadget till today

You will rarely come across a science-fiction movie in which cars are not presented as an autonomous unit which is easy enough to say where it will take you, and they will do it, no need for you to really get behind the wheel. All the more world car manufacturers for many years dealing with that very issue and the last time include other interested players, such as IT giant Google or the US military.

Already today there are very advanced features for the so-called ‘assisted drive’, so luxurious cars such as the new BMW, Mercedes or Audi are active cruise control, warnings for blind angle and automatic braking if the way to interfere as movable or immovable obstacle (for those who have played Carmageddon it is called ‘target’). The furthest is still left Google to your car without a driver, who is with the help of artificial intelligence and a series of cameras, sensors and radars managed transported impressive 1,607 kilometers … of myself!

2Personal 3D Printer as the vanguard of a new industrial revolution

Famous technology gadget till today

Now we can say that the year 2013 completely went right to this technology, which is the first real step towards the much-desired replicators from the popular Star Trek. And while they were not so long ago 3D printers sold for several hundred thousand dollars, today some of the manufacturers of such devices offered for only a few miserable thousands. With a little knowledge about design and more advanced ability to use a computer (well, ‘more advanced’ is the perhaps optimistic phrase), alone can produce items according to their own designs, or from the Internet download ready-made designs.

Personal 3D printers are one of the technologies that could have a very big impact on the industry, especially because they meet a big chunk of the market. Imagine that you are doing a New Year’s party and realize that there are not enough plastic cups, and hate you go to the store? No problem, just take off your glasses model from the Internet, turn on the printer and within minutes you have a whole set of their ‘garage’. In the same way, but now operate various household items, vehicles (bicycles), toys, and especially to the fertile soil could be the production of weapons and various medical supplies (and even whole organs).

3Exoskeletons for soldiers of the future

Famous technology gadgets till today

The military industry is investing huge amounts of money into the development of new and revolutionary technology, and one of the biggest problems is how to cut costs ‘maintenance’ of soldiers and reduce the risk of injury or death, while the man himself becomes more effective. Great hopes are placed in exoskeleton, armor that is strong enough and agile to protect its users, and it provides some improved properties, but it is certain that work wonders for reducing morality enemy live force.

These things we have seen in sci-fi hits like Avatar and Elysium and will play a significant role in the new film, Tom Cruise, Edge of Tomorrow. In the real world quite a few strong competitors, some of which stands out Raytheon Sarcos XOS, which can be used for logistics, but also fighting mission, and its user better strength and endurance. And when one day these suits connect directly to the nervous system users, will start a completely new era in the evolution of mankind. Only that the bad guys do not get their hands on this … or worse, me!

4. Oculus Rift and virtual reality

Famous technology gadgets till today

This piece of technology is still dangerous balances of the precipice of failure, especially due to the fact that the “virtual reality” forcibly pushed far back as the 80s of the last century, and has undergone a huge fiasco. True, computers and IT infrastructure, in general, are not able to handle such a revolutionary device, but the real question is whether we are now mature enough in this way of looking at reality. On the other hand, a similar situation was and the 3D, but today each bin has a version just in this form.

The first test will be on computer games, and the main competitor is mostly mentioned Oculus Rift, which is a relatively small amount of money (around 300 dollars) offers high-quality experience virtual reality. So with this clumsy (politically correct term for ‘disgusting’) glasses on your head, you can walk the world some computer games, rotate in any direction, and fully immerse yourself in a completely new experience. If they accept gamers, virtual reality has a very good chance that in a few years found in almost every household.

5. Drones: heavenly rulers of future

Famous technology gadgets till today

And while our 3D printing marked the year 2013 in the (mostly) positive sense, the drone does not fit very bad publicity which is received from all sides, especially the use for military purposes. Americans are so this year, these advanced weapons caused the deaths of several thousand people, of whom many were innocent civilians, but the development and use of unmanned aerial vehicles continue to grow. Fortunately, not everything is so black, because this technology finally began to be used and in some pacifist purposes.


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