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Jan 27

The top most played PC games

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

Last year was an exceptionally interesting for the gaming industry. Given the fact that the last time we see a dramatic drop in quality games per year, PC games offered us a lot more interesting and high-quality titles. To be sure, the list is not going to get every single good game for PC as some we could not play. Well, first things first.

10. Rocket League

Rocket league game

At the last place on the scale, we chose to insert an Indie game. Within a few days, this rocket football has become one of the most popular games on YouTube and is the best possible advantage of the summer drought. The game itself so far tried out the nearly 9 million people, and the new facilities which will be updated Rocket League over the next year include a new arena, the brand new game modes, as well as many other additional content through which the Psyonix hope to keep as many of the current players.


9. Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege

The focus of Rainbow Six the multiplayer where two teams of five people struggling in the fast battles and then change sides so that by the end of match play and both attack and defense. Attacking team used various aids such as cameras and explosives, which breaks the walls and floors, a team that defends has the ability to be barricaded himself and prepare traps.


8. Dying Light

Dying Light

A game that marked the beginning of the year is definitely Dying Light. Dying Light is based on the zombie theme with elements of parkour. Surprisingly, rich open world is full of possibilities that you simply draws into itself a dark atmosphere and impressive visual presentation. With fun coop content and gameplay Dying Light is a game you must play if you are a fan of zombie theme.


7. Batman: Arkham KnightBatman: Arkham Knight

PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight was polished and technically great but these unfortunates who bought the PC version of almost half a year later, the others are disappointed. The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight was so problematic that it’s Warner Bros for a limited time withdrawn from the market in order to refine and trained. All these problems have caused a loud outcry Player and to unite and why this game is found only in 7 places. Batman: Arkham Knight belongs to the genre of action stealth adventure game from the third person. With the high-quality operation of the head stories, news like the batmobile and the opportunity to explore the entire Gotham City on the map completely open is a good reason to play this game, of course, with conditions to own a PlayStation or Xbox One console.


6. BloodborneBloodborne

If in the first half hour of the game does not sell or break a game controller as you play frustratingly difficult it is one of the best Bloodborne PC exclusive and generally plays this genre. The game offers a blend of everything that a quality title had to bring such challenges, mystery, freedom and diversity of what will be very difficult to find elsewhere.


5. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIICall of Duty: Black Ops III

We know, CoD everyone already gets on my nerves, but it’s hard to ignore that the game created a new record-breaking sales. I have to admit that the new CoD game in which I have so far spent most of the time this year, and came out just before the less than two months. SinglePlayer player puts in a dark, twisted future with a new kind of Black Ops soldiers that blur the line between humanity and technology. Since it is just a multiplayer, previous Call of Duty games infect millions of players around the world, not Treyarch this time not be cutting its fans, and so returned the series back to the top of the charts fps after the disastrous last two sequels.


4. Until Dawn

Until Dawn

One of the most exclusive PC in 2015, and considers himself one of the best game you’ll remember for a long time is a horror game Until Dawn. This interactive horror adventure gamers is delivered differently and until now rarely seen non-linear gameplay, that they provide multiple gaming with significantly different endings based on consequences and decisions throughout the game.


3. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

MGS 5: The Phantom Pain may not be a revolutionary title as the original Metal Gear Solid in their time, but the king of the genre. MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, thanks to Fox Engine, delivers designed a completely open world and photorealistic graphics. The action takes place nine years after the events of Ground Zeroes and fall main base at the time the Snake (Big Boss) awakens from a nine-year coma. The game continues the story of 1984, during the Cold War that cause global crisis. Adventures Snake lead him to Afghanistan, driven by the need for revenge in search of a mysterious group of XOF.


2. Fallout 4

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 belongs to the genre of role-playing game from the first or third person. F4 takes place about 200 years after the war for ownership of resources which ended nuclear holocaust 2077, about the same time the events of Fallout 3. The action takes place in the Boston area, Massachusetts and other parts of New England known as the Commonwealth. The story of the game begins with the day of the fall nuclear bombs, 23 October 2077. year. The main character, with his family, while hide inside Vault 111, mysteriously awakens 200 years later … Players can go wherever you want and do whatever they want. The massive open world offers hundreds of locations, characters and missions. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. – Characterization system allows players to build their character to hundreds of different perkova. Players can collect, build and create thousands of different items in the most advanced crafting system ever. Weapons, armor, chemical and food are just the beginning. But there are major deficiencies, the game is pretty ugly as it is done in the same gaming engine when the old Fallout. The lack of innovation with respect to the previous sequel and loading which in most cases kill all the will to play this great game.


1. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

It was a hard decision between these top 3 titles and only one of them to give top first fallout has too much lack of outdated graphics, bugs, little innovation and a lot of things that could be done to make the game became a masterpiece. MGS is excellent but somehow we still more sat third Witcher The Witcher III: Wild Hunt concludes the story of Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the series. Geralt new mission comes in dark times where the mysterious and supernatural army known as the Wild Hunt invades the northern kingdom, leaving only the blood-soaked ground and fear among the people. Open-world, dynamic day / night system, realistic AI, birajnje specific dialogue, sensitive and dynamic environment, music playing in the background and during the fight, each player making that affects the world around him with different consequences. It’s just too many things to list that make this game a real masterpiece part.


Jan 22

Origin of PC Games

By Rahul Upase | technorahul


What are video games? In order to talk about video games, you should first define what games are. According to various definitions and dictionaries, games are kind of activities, which are defined according to certain rules, and playing the game can be with different intent. The intention may be fun, competition, carelessness, distraction, relaxation, learning …

Video games are basically games, which in most cases are used as input the user’s actions, then these actions and the environment is processed by a computer, and the result of processing through video signal delivered to the user back to the video device. Because displaying the results of processing over video devices, called video games. A little simpler definition of video games (which use some dictionaries) would be activity, dealing with manipulation of images that display video device.


Computer Games

Video games are made essentially extremely logical, albeit somewhat and (not) serious. The first video game, which technically is not a video game, came from the need for simulation and forecasting of serious events, but no real consequence. These are the predictions path rocket and try their knockdown. Rockets appeared on the radar, and the user has to try to break them down. It is a video game cathode ray amusement device. The game consisted of a computer which weighed about a ton and the display, which consisted of 12 lamps. By moving the handle, the user is supposed to provide and that moves the light and try to negotiate a different light, his second light ” fled ”.

Since the game is played by strokes, and so refreshed and screen, it was not easy to hit the enemy’s light. This game demonstrates the importance of quantity information that was necessary in order for the user to respond. Most games of this period were pulling games, which had unlimited time between moves. Similar games were Tic-Tac-Toe and Chess.


First of all video games, was the Tennis for Two. This “game” is actually played on an oscilloscope. Oscilloscope, phenomenal condition at that time (1958) had a very useful elements for the purpose of video games: a basic set of controls with which the user can change the parameters of the basic unit for displaying the results on the basis of parameters that the user has entered. Due to the high prices of computers at that time, as well as devices that are able to display video signal in “real time”, the development of hardware and software is mainly the preserve of large universities and the army, which had the resources to provide such devices, as well as brains would be dealt with. A popular trend in universities were algorithmic tasks that dealt with issues of artificial intelligence and solving mathematical problems, which required a video presentation of their solutions. This need for a presentation video solutions has led to increased development of video devices. Video devices are getting better, with higher resolution and that they are able to demonstrate a higher number of dots on the screen, which began to create the need for mapping the screen. Organizing points, their grouping, and their behavior is being handled the interesting problem for Steve Russel’s. It was in 1961 managed to make a model of the behavior of certain points, and the ability of users to anticipate and intercept presented in the form of puzzles. The user was a group of dots, which aimed to fire a missile (also a group of dots, which occurs first), and attempts to topple the alien ship (projectile affects a third group of points). It is the game Spacewar. Continue reading

Jan 05

Computer Software

By Rahul Upase | technorahul


Don’t worry! Want to know about Computer software? Below points will give you the information you are looking. Please continue.

Two basic types of software are:

System software – programs that are used to directly manage the physical work computers or hardware. This software allows a user interaction software with hardware. The modern name for the system software is the operating system. Some theorists believe Informatics compiler and other tools for software development work of the system software.

User software – programs designed to end users computer system. And these are the programs with which users of the processed data.

The execution of software or software by the user computer system today usually involves loading a user’s software and data from the hard disk, interactive data processing, and storage of data on the hard drive. In the past, rather than the hard drive used magnetic tapes or some other type of permanent memory.

The computer during execution software monitors the pre-determined set of commands to allow the user to analyze data in an appropriate manner.


Operating system (hereinafter OS) combines disparate parts of your computer into a harmonious whole and hides from the user details of how these parts that are not essential to the use of computers.

OS works as follows:

Manages programs, data, and parts of which are comprised computer (processor, controller, working memory), with the aim that they should be used as expedient
Provides accessible working environment for the end-user computer
In general terms, the operating system can be defined as a set of programs that manage computer system resources and provides the interface to the user.

The first function of the OS is a computer resource management (resource management). The term resource we mean all that is needed to operate the program. Resources can be hardware (processor, memory, I / O devices) and software (programs, data files). The task OS that takes into account the resources of computers

to meet the needs of the program, to monitor the program uses what resources etc.
In short, the OS is a collection of system programs that mediate between computer users PC hardware and the goal is to:

Executes user programs and facilitates the resolution of user problems
Use of computer system do more suitable for users
Enable more efficient utilization of computer hardware
OS consists of several relatively independent entities. Each brand has its own computer operating systems, it is difficult to make the general structure of OS. A hierarchical model of OS is composed of levels.

The hierarchical model has the following meaning:

the observed level OS can request service only from its lower

level, and not from higher. The lowest layer is known as the core of the OS (kernel).

Due to the size of OS relations and working memory, most of the OS does not fit in RAM. Therefore, the memory still is only the most important parts of the OS, so-called resident parts, which activate and execute user programs, allocated memory, and files and perform I / O operations.

Resident part of the OS must support mechanism stops because it’s based on the multi-operation.  Part of the OS, which must always be in memory usually is referred to as the core or kernel. Functions that are used by all levels must be placed in the core of the OS. Other parts are inserted into memory when needed and expelled when no longer needed. Continue reading

Dec 30

Adobe Photoshop

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

Adobe Photoshop, the best photo creating and editing software. Nowadays, computers are widely used in the storage and processing of images in various formats. Falling prices of digital cameras and scanners all over the image are stored in digital form on a computer. Computers have become an indispensable tool for processing and retouching photographs.

Web is unthinkable without the image content, occupies an important place in the presentation and advertising companies and institutions. The images that are presented on the Web must be processed and stored in a format suitable for display and transmission over the Internet.

Adobe Photoshop on the Mac OS X operating system

Adobe Photoshop software is intended for raster processing digital photos. Currently, the leading graphic tools and is intended for use on Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems. The company responsible for Photoshop called Adobe Systems.

The first version of the professional tool was released in February 1990 and only the Mac OS platform. Windows users are running the version of Photoshop 2.5, which was released in November 1992, received access to this program.

In recent years, the popularity of Photoshop led to the creation of a new Internet abbreviations – photoshop it (en. To photoshop something). The word is used to revise the photos for appropriate purposes (internet, e-mail, a joke). Photoshop is konstuiran in such a way that it can freely cooperate with other programs Adobe company, for example, Adobe InDesign.

Do you have a picture you want to take advantage of the web, album or simply print it, or do you think that when you enter into a computer (via a scanner, digital camera, camcorder, etc.) Has deteriorated? In the next few steps will be explained how to use Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is one of the better programs for processing, making and optimize raster images. In order to become more familiar with its capabilities should understand some basic concepts. Screening program means that it is a program that presents the image using the dots or pixels. It is a size that is not directly connected with the press. What is important to us is that we know the difference between pixels and DPI.

Continue reading

Dec 25

What is a Computer Virus

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

What is a computer virus?

The computer virus is a  program designed with the intention of creating a malfunction and damage to various files and organized data on the PC.

They are called so because they have the ability to reproduce (themselves copied in several places on the disk or diskette).

The first viruses were programs that are interesting print, propaganda or humorous messages on your monitor. They were not destructive, so there was no need to develop any special protection. However, things have quickly changed.

In the late ’80s, computer viruses were pieces of code attached to the program as they were games or word processors. They are designed to run when you start one of these programs. We’re entered in the memory and looking for a suitable ground for expansion.

If they find what they’re looking for, began to their work, which can manifest itself in several ways.

Over time, the virus writers become more creative, because they learned new ” tricks ”. One of the best was the possibility of entering viruses in memory so that it stayed as long as you keep your computer running. This virus is allowed massive replication. Another interesting trick was the possibility of infection by a boot floppy or hard disk.

It is part of the disk that the system reads the after ignition computer.

Today, the spread of the virus on this ground many times less, because programs for virus protection guard boot sectors and the exchange program takes place via CD or the Internet.

CD can not be modified significantly reducing the possibility of spreading the virus. However, if the data before burning the CD does not test, there is a chance that the virus ” save ” him.

Continue reading

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