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Feb 13

7 little changes that will make a big difference with your technology

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

Digital media its actuality, speed and lots of different useful information facilitating your learning, enabling fast and easy communication with a large number of people, offer you fun and relaxation playing network games, listening to music, watching entertaining videos and funny pictures, give you the possibility of rapid information reading various portals and disclosure of their own talents.

But digital media is not always harmless. Using them to incur a variety of hazards. Are you aware of that?


Communication digital media brings people together, but at the same time them away. Time spent in front of computers or typing on mobile devices more and more time on their own, rather than communicating face to face. People have become dependent on technology. Spend time looking at the screen, not in conversation with family or friends. More and more alienated from each other, which becomes a problem today.

  • Very easily you can reach different information: online newspapers and various portals, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing.
  • Many facilities can learn using the Internet for solving school tasks and projects, learning foreign languages, using the network libraries and databases of educational content: Google Books,   Google Scholar, CARNet-libraries, YouTube.
  • You can easily communicate and socialize with friends and relatives who live far away from you by using various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Lync, forums and chat rooms).
  • You can relax and have fun watching movies, games or concerts and read about your favorite people. You can have fun playing online games.
  • The internet is very easy to share different content which allows the discovery of new talents (many people can see a video of someone well sings, plays …).
  • You do good work and help someone participating and supporting humanitarian actions.
  • Projects in school can be more fun and interesting if applied technology. It allows quick and easy advertising goods or services offered.

And many experts debate the issue because our life today is almost unthinkable without the Internet and smartphones. Some fight the boredom, others looking for love. Today, almost everything can be done using a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. “The problem is that the technology we look monolithic: that she or good or bad. But it is not. It is a means, a tool, ” said Linda Burch of the organization Common Sense Media. The tool that helps parents to stay connected with their children, or a means of connecting us with friends, or enhances the shopping experience. Bridget Karlin from Intel says that the association enriches our world.


“At the present time, the value of technology not only in new products and devices but the experience that it allows us,” adds Bridget Karlin. The Internet has changed the way people meet. Through social media or web page Dating, users are exposed to a much larger group of people than was previously possible. And that’s the other good thing about technology, says Sam Yagan, who led several websites to learn. “One of the three marriages begins on the Internet, and I can tell you that among both marriages and relationships have emerged much greater diversity, which I think is positive for the world,” said Sam Yagan. The technology is a positive thing and because it represents a new platform for students – which was not there before.

“It is quite incredible how all children use technology to express their creativity! And it’s very exciting just among young people,” says Linda Burch of the organization Common Sense Media. This feeling, however, with his parents mingled with fear of technology. “In itself, however, we wonder, well, but how it affects the minds of our children? In what direction it develops technology? Indeed we wonder what kind of world awaits us and how we will deal with it when today’s children are beginning to use technology from the very beginning” asks Linda Burch. Studies show that screen time is a bad influence on the social characteristics.


“The last 30 years we have been measuring empathy among students in every possible way, and see that it dropped by 40 percent,” said Sherry Turkle from the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sherry Turkle is a specialist social science and says that empathy is born and develops in a mutual interview people.

According to her, the technology reduces and our other social skills. “We were so used to the constant stimulation, and that the phone is always with us, that we began to lose the ability to be alone; ability to self-reflection and self-limiting,” warns Sherry Turkle. But while the debate continues on the positive and negative aspects connected world, technology is still developing and will take us into a new discussion on how to make the people – who are social beings, should be used.


Computerized communication and overall cyber-culture perhaps more clearly than other scientific achievements show the inseparable connection between technology and society. Allowing specific social interactions of millions of people from around the world, and the creation of virtual identity, social relationships and community – computer technology and communication touched the basic elements of society, showing to what extent technology created at a certain level of cultural development in return can affect the development of society and culture.

American anthropologist Arturo Escobar points out that the new lines of study in the social sciences technologies significantly change the conventional wisdom in this area. “In conventional approaches to technology is closely identified with tools or machinery. … As a form of ‘applied science’, the technology is considered independent of the company and value-neutral.”. Sixties awareness of the negative effects of nuclear and industrial technology led to the questioning of the traditional view of science and technology as independent of socio-historical and political context, and begin the comparative study of science, technology, and society …

Communication involves sending messages from one person and receiving and exchanging these messages by the other or others. If the person sending the message that the other is not received or is not understood, communication is not achieved. Communication methods include speech, non-verbal communication, writing, audio – visual and electronic means. Messages may contain factual information, opinion or emotion.


In an organization, there is a great variety of messages to be transferred. Some are individual specific: feedback that the supervisor gives the execution of a task or which expresses concern about the continuing delays; or messages in which individuals talk about future plans in relation to his career. Other messages are team or group-oriented, as the current group goals or joint weekly action plans ….

Feb 09

How to spend money on technology

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

At first, the technology exclusively defined and interpreted prejudice in connection with the creation of material goods. The technology is to use nature for the purpose of man’s material gains. Nature poses challenges and constraints affecting the material situation of the people and the removal of these restrictions is what the technology does. Today in the literature prevailing broader approach to the interpretation and definition of the concept of technology, taking into account its presence in all forms of human activity in material production and out of material production, as well as effect and impact of technology in all areas of human life and activity.

How to spend money on technology

Based on the previous statement, we can conclude that there are complex relationships within the system of nature – man – society – technology, where technology can be put in the center of these relationships closely attached and the relationship between nature, man and society through technology links into a rounded and closed system. This approach technology aims to emphasize the importance of technology in relation to human nature and society, because through technology man acting on nature and society and thus meets their needs. A man acting on nature and society develops technology depending on their needs and goals of the company. Therefore, the technology is not some supernatural and uncontrolled force above man, but a man with their active approach to nature and society develops technology subordinate to his needs. This mutual respect is the primary one, because he is the one who initiates scientific research, carried out by, creating new technologies, applied and used the results of this application. The man is the subject – driver of development, carrier, and perpetrator, and in the end, he is also a beneficial fruit of development.

The importance of technology for the development of society famous sociologist, Daniel Bell (Daniel Bell), in 1965, starting with the technology, shared the history of civilization in his famous work “The arrival of the post-industrial society” in three stages: 1. The pre-industrial society; 2. Industrial Society; 3. Postindustrial society. The famous futurologist, Alvin Toffler (Alvin Toffler), in 1980 in his major work “third wave” points out that throughout the history of the human society caught three waves of civilization: 1. Agricultural Revolution (10,000 years ago); 2. Industrial Revolution (300 years ago); 3. Scientific-Technological Revolution (50 years ago).

The human race has so far undergone two major waves of change, and each of them was wiped out by the previous culture or civilization and instead adopted the ways of life unimaginable to earlier inhabitants. The first wave of change – the agricultural revolution – were needed thousands of years to exhaust. The second wave – the rise of industrial civilization – it took only three hundred years. Today, history is accelerated, so that the third wave is likely to rush through history and put an end to several decades. Therefore we, that we are in this explosive moment plagued the planet, even for life to feel the full force of impact of the third wave. “Scientists agree that the first human being (human) on earth, homo sapiens emerged 250,000 years ago. People lived in small groups (hordes), mainly in natural shelters-caves. During that long period, people lived by hunting, fishing, and gathering of natural fruits. When he ran out of the game, Horde migrated in search of animals, but usually within the same geographic area. Human beings in the Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) were more or less hungry, depending on the luck in the hunt and the directions of movement of wildlife.

How to spend money on technology

So, people are satisfying their needs from nature (the meat of the hunted game, caught fish and fruits collected from nature), so that this form of the economy can be called hunter-gatherers. Regarding the use of weapons and a tool, the Paleolithic man was focused on natural resources, ie. Mainly on what they found in nature (wood and stone) with little processing. It is estimated that in the late Paleolithic populations of Homo sapiens on earth was between 10,000 and 20,000 residents. Studies show that the last ice age ended about 12,000 years ago. In the next two millennia, Earth warmed dramatically, which was the main reason for the explosive social and economic development of mankind. As a result, the population has increased to about 5,000,000. The fact that the Earth in the past 10,000 years (Holocene) climate was relatively stable, it is a condition that led to the development of agriculture, livestock, trade, the emergence of cities, the formation of the state, irrigation works, building pyramids, finding the letters, making the first legal code etc.

The Steam engine is more efficient and cheaper power (energy) for mines, factories, ships, trains, and led to a revolution in the industry, transport, trade. Until the Industrial Revolution, the whole economy of the agricultural economy. Thanks to the use of the steam engine, there was a drop in the price of production, sales price, increasing purchasing power and the rapid development of the market. The spirit of innovation that has been dormant for thousands of years suddenly woke up and began to spread rapidly, leading to hundreds of new inventions and discoveries have led to the creation of the factory. The first steam engines were soon found applications in mines and factories in the production process. The industrial revolution was first engulfed the British textile industry, which at that time accounted for over 60% of English exports and therefore require the most massive production. Then it spread to other industries. It was a spectacular coup of manufactories in machine production.

Feb 06

Top 6 tech products one should have

By Rahul Upase | technorahul


Smart Bracelet

Smart bracelets that will help you get the most out of each exercise during In recent years the fitness gadgets have experienced great expansion in the market. Use them to sportsmen, so the users who want to get rid of excess weight, but I people who simply want to lead a healthy lifestyle and “embrace” a healthy lifestyle. They can be found in various shapes and designs, most resistant to the impact of external factors (rain, dust, increased radiation …) And there are models that pores standard of freedom Sig can chatter and heart function, specifically, they should be mere Puls, But I’m being professional ten personal fitness coaches their owners.



LG wireless speakers hovering above the levitating pedestals provide superior audio quality, in addition to attractive design and represent a real visual experience. In addition to striking looks, speakers offer users the ability to listen to music and other audio content both at home and abroad. PJ9 will delight users of its levitating which enabled powerful electromagnets placed in the base, which is why the cables are completely unnecessary. The model includes technology and dual passive radiators, thanks to which reproduce the medium and high.


3. ErSelfie

ErSelfi can be worn beneath the smartphone, but it is controlled by a virtual joystick on the phone when he wants to make a video or photo image, writes the portal Business layer.

The drone is equipped with a camera of five-megapixel camera that can record HD video, and with it comes the SD card 4GB.

ErSelfi is compatible with smartphones like the iPhone 6, 7:07 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Edge, Motorola Q9 and Google Pixel.

After taking photos or video will land in the hands of users, and the recorded content via Wi-Fi network is transferred to the phone and no problem parts on social networks.



The creator of these glasses, the Celal Goger, says the idea came four months ago, while the tram checked my email and see how many people were looking for his smartphone.

Turkish repairer of mobile phones, the Celal Goger (42), made the glasses that allow only the person wearing them to see what is displayed on the smartphone screen. This means that you will never have that putting your phone from prying passengers in public transport who love to watch on other people’s screens.



5. Fast charger

Our quick charging technology is miles ahead of the competition and the speed and the size of the charger – stand out from the company that made the portable charger ASAP Dash.

Itself a portable charger is charging 16 times faster than the other, and battery in it can last up to four times longer.

Quick Charger was developed with Vinson Li’s colleagues in Sydney. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh, which means that a single charge it can hold the phone “live” more than 48 hours.

– Our quick charging technology is miles ahead of the competition and the speed and the size of the charger – stand out from the company.

The battery in the charger ASAP Dash will be able to take up to three years. It will cost about 89 dollars and is expected to go on sale in June this year.


6. Solar battery and impact resistant

God has a reason first created light and all the rest. Now is your turn to exploit the greatest and most underrated divine invention. Recharge your devices sunlight, anytime and anywhere. This charger that runs on solar power is easily portable and can power two devices at once, and at the same time and saves the planet from global warming. However, if for any reason you do not prefer the daylight or at least do not spend the same significant amount of time and you think that this is the product for you – you’re wrong! The battery can be recharged by simply connecting via a USB cable to the PC.


Feb 03

Famous technology gadgets till today

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

If somebody 20 years ago said that we type on some kind of ‘smartphones’ and in his room to print complex 3D objects, we would say to him to make peace with your Star Trek. However, it seems to us the future caught up with …

Yes, yes …, the future is now, and we have every day of witnessing a new, incredible wonders of technology. Probably the most significant invention since the steam engine, the computer coupled to the Internet, enable the incredible development of various technologies, devices and ideas, which will in the near future (and some today) to change the world. Whether it is about space exploration, the miniaturization of computers, new materials or accelerated development of biotechnology, follow us the truly exciting year. You therefore brings 10 wonders of the future, which are still in the realms of science fiction, but in them (with a sizable amount of money) we can enjoy more in the present.

1Autonomous cars that do not require drivers

Famous technology gadget till today

You will rarely come across a science-fiction movie in which cars are not presented as an autonomous unit which is easy enough to say where it will take you, and they will do it, no need for you to really get behind the wheel. All the more world car manufacturers for many years dealing with that very issue and the last time include other interested players, such as IT giant Google or the US military.

Already today there are very advanced features for the so-called ‘assisted drive’, so luxurious cars such as the new BMW, Mercedes or Audi are active cruise control, warnings for blind angle and automatic braking if the way to interfere as movable or immovable obstacle (for those who have played Carmageddon it is called ‘target’). The furthest is still left Google to your car without a driver, who is with the help of artificial intelligence and a series of cameras, sensors and radars managed transported impressive 1,607 kilometers … of myself!

2Personal 3D Printer as the vanguard of a new industrial revolution

Famous technology gadget till today

Now we can say that the year 2013 completely went right to this technology, which is the first real step towards the much-desired replicators from the popular Star Trek. And while they were not so long ago 3D printers sold for several hundred thousand dollars, today some of the manufacturers of such devices offered for only a few miserable thousands. With a little knowledge about design and more advanced ability to use a computer (well, ‘more advanced’ is the perhaps optimistic phrase), alone can produce items according to their own designs, or from the Internet download ready-made designs.

Personal 3D printers are one of the technologies that could have a very big impact on the industry, especially because they meet a big chunk of the market. Imagine that you are doing a New Year’s party and realize that there are not enough plastic cups, and hate you go to the store? No problem, just take off your glasses model from the Internet, turn on the printer and within minutes you have a whole set of their ‘garage’. In the same way, but now operate various household items, vehicles (bicycles), toys, and especially to the fertile soil could be the production of weapons and various medical supplies (and even whole organs).

3Exoskeletons for soldiers of the future

Famous technology gadgets till today

The military industry is investing huge amounts of money into the development of new and revolutionary technology, and one of the biggest problems is how to cut costs ‘maintenance’ of soldiers and reduce the risk of injury or death, while the man himself becomes more effective. Great hopes are placed in exoskeleton, armor that is strong enough and agile to protect its users, and it provides some improved properties, but it is certain that work wonders for reducing morality enemy live force.

These things we have seen in sci-fi hits like Avatar and Elysium and will play a significant role in the new film, Tom Cruise, Edge of Tomorrow. In the real world quite a few strong competitors, some of which stands out Raytheon Sarcos XOS, which can be used for logistics, but also fighting mission, and its user better strength and endurance. And when one day these suits connect directly to the nervous system users, will start a completely new era in the evolution of mankind. Only that the bad guys do not get their hands on this … or worse, me!

4. Oculus Rift and virtual reality

Famous technology gadgets till today

This piece of technology is still dangerous balances of the precipice of failure, especially due to the fact that the “virtual reality” forcibly pushed far back as the 80s of the last century, and has undergone a huge fiasco. True, computers and IT infrastructure, in general, are not able to handle such a revolutionary device, but the real question is whether we are now mature enough in this way of looking at reality. On the other hand, a similar situation was and the 3D, but today each bin has a version just in this form.

The first test will be on computer games, and the main competitor is mostly mentioned Oculus Rift, which is a relatively small amount of money (around 300 dollars) offers high-quality experience virtual reality. So with this clumsy (politically correct term for ‘disgusting’) glasses on your head, you can walk the world some computer games, rotate in any direction, and fully immerse yourself in a completely new experience. If they accept gamers, virtual reality has a very good chance that in a few years found in almost every household.

5. Drones: heavenly rulers of future

Famous technology gadgets till today

And while our 3D printing marked the year 2013 in the (mostly) positive sense, the drone does not fit very bad publicity which is received from all sides, especially the use for military purposes. Americans are so this year, these advanced weapons caused the deaths of several thousand people, of whom many were innocent civilians, but the development and use of unmanned aerial vehicles continue to grow. Fortunately, not everything is so black, because this technology finally began to be used and in some pacifist purposes.


Jan 30

Technology behind the PC games

By Rahul Upase | technorahul


The video game industry is also known as the interactive entertainment industry and represents economic sector which includes the development, marketing, and sale of video games. This is one of fastest growing industries in the world that offers an increasing number of jobs and generates all higher profits. According to Patrik Franc in the work modern video game industry, from 2005 to 2008 in the United States, the annual growth rate in the area of software intended for the party was 10%, while the growth rate of the overall economy was something less than 2%. In this field, today employs over 120,000 people in the United States. 1 Since the 1970s when it began to develop to this day, the gaming industry has gone the way of fun activities for a narrow circle of people to the mainstream, ie. to activities that practiced by almost all.

Previous studies related to the gaming industry

Technology behind PC games


About 10 years ago things were in the field of gaming industry started to significantly change primarily due to the development of Internet technologies. All those who have studied making video games get the opportunity to work and distribute its games digitally as much reduce costs and give space for a whole range of new creative interventions that are the rapid development of the industry. With the advent of the Apple iPhone in a way stabilized the market for games mobile devices, and the emergence of applications such as Unity, GameMaker and Twinea enabled and making games and those who do not understand the coding and greatly shorten the time required for making simple games. All this has resulted in radical changes in the production and distribution games. For example, the production of consoles has greatly progressed so every year manufacturers are bringing news about different types of upgrades that not only changing the way in which the games are played but also the manner in which they are conceived and operate in certain social habits and customs. All the more attention is given to gaming and in scientific circles, that is, trying to analyze. Cultural and sociological aspects of this phenomenon and find answers that could improve the development of the area.

So far, in the context of video games often talked about the negative impact they have on the players (Dependency, social withdrawal, encourage aggressive and violent behavior), but in the last while more attention is given to the understanding of the positive impacts that gaming has to social everyday life, stressing the importance of regular mapping gaming trends, ie. all those socio-demographic characteristics of gamers and gamer that could point out the positive and negative effects of the socio-cultural context.

Video games have become an indispensable part of modern culture, but also the industry in which they operate different profiles of artists and innovators who meet the increasingly complex demands and needs of gamers tend to respond in a way that includes some of the greatest technological achievements of today and skills that integrate different areas of human activity. In this industry, therefore, important to the well to listen to the market needs and meet those whom they intended these products and services. For this purpose, carried out an increasing number of studies that seek to enlightening and get acquainted with the participants and the gaming industry. For this reason, changing the methods and research in this area and the dominant theme of which is written in scientific papers.

Although still considerable attention is given to the negative the effects of gaming, more and more papers dealing with the positive impact and the ways in which the industry improves the situation in the society. Also, the number of works dealing with the function Marketing in the gaming industry.

Factors that encourage the development of gaming industry

Technology behind PC games


The main factors that have spurred the development of the gaming industry are related to development computer technology and the Internet, but the development of individual branches of the gaming industry can connect with certain social factors, such as.

The development of free Internet video games sometimes associated with unemployment and excess of free time. In the 90s of the last century, only one thing limiting any potential that is had the gaming industry – is still underdeveloped technology. Addictive games on electronic and computing devices kept them as complex as far as the devices to able to handle it. No 90-E are also the period when the situation in this area begins serious change as devices become more convenient, faster and more efficient. The development of processors (CPU) and graphics chip (GPU) paved the way for the development of 3D graphics, as well as programs and systems based graphical user interface. 3D environment allowed the developers series new possibilities of expression of ideas and virtual worlds. It has also encouraged the development of new genres, some of which are extremely popular today, for example, role-playing game (RPG) shooters, 3D platformer, fighting games, racing and so on. If we take into account today’s popularity Game Pokemon Go, it is interesting to note that the 90-ies the best-selling game was Pokémon Red / Blue with over 30 million copies sold.  With the invention of CDs, the storage and distribution of video games become much easier (Nintendo 64, released in 1996 was the last console that is used cassette).

The beginning of the 21st century in this industry is characterized by digital distribution and development Internet technologies. Internet gaming community has led to a whole new level by enabling players to play together or against each other which has greatly influenced the design of the games but also console. Digital distribution has enabled small and independent producers successfully business which also enriches the gaming industry.

At the time, a popular station and a process called modding (Eng.), Ie, modifying the code games (Fixing bugs, redesign, etc.). Thanks to the Internet, such as on the procedures gamers could mutually faster and easier to consult.

The last two years we have witnessed a new revolution in the field of gaming which includes primarily the implementation of VR (virtual reality) concept in video games, as well as all available technology and equipment that allows users to make a completely new way to experience worlds favorite games. Interest in VR video games is growing fast, according to some estimated revenue of this kind of video games in 2020 at the global level would be able to amount to 22.9 billion dollars.

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