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Welcome to technorahul.com, the place where you find the information related to Technology, Gadgets, and Games. Along with information, here you can learn about upcoming Gadgets, popular Games, and Tech updates also….

My name is Rahul Upase. I have completed my Graduate in Electronics and Communication. I am very much interested in the Internet and things related to it. So, when I came to know about blogging and opportunities in Online business and I decided to start a website and as I am interested in Gadgets and Games and whose basic component is Technology so decided to start a Website that tells about all these three things at the same place.

My other Hobbies are:

  1. Playing and watching Cricket.
  2. Listening Music.
  3. Attending Sessions, Seminars and Workshops.
  4.  Watching Inspirational and Motivational videos.

So this is a small introduction about myself. Thank you!

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