7 little changes that will make a big difference with your technology

Digital media its actuality, speed and lots of different useful information facilitating your learning, enabling fast and easy communication with a large number of people, offer you fun and relaxation playing network games, listening to music, watching entertaining videos and funny pictures, give you the possibility of rapid information reading various portals and disclosure of their own talents.

But digital media is not always harmless. Using them to incur a variety of hazards. Are you aware of that?


Communication digital media brings people together, but at the same time them away. Time spent in front of computers or typing on mobile devices more and more time on their own, rather than communicating face to face. People have become dependent on technology. Spend time looking at the screen, not in conversation with family or friends. More and more alienated from each other, which becomes a problem today.

  • Very easily you can reach different information: online newspapers and various portals, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing.
  • Many facilities can learn using the Internet for solving school tasks and projects, learning foreign languages, using the network libraries and databases of educational content: Google Books,   Google Scholar, CARNet-libraries, YouTube.
  • You can easily communicate and socialize with friends and relatives who live far away from you by using various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Lync, forums and chat rooms).
  • You can relax and have fun watching movies, games or concerts and read about your favorite people. You can have fun playing online games.
  • The internet is very easy to share different content which allows the discovery of new talents (many people can see a video of someone well sings, plays …).
  • You do good work and help someone participating and supporting humanitarian actions.
  • Projects in school can be more fun and interesting if applied technology. It allows quick and easy advertising goods or services offered.

And many experts debate the issue because our life today is almost unthinkable without the Internet and smartphones. Some fight the boredom, others looking for love. Today, almost everything can be done using a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. “The problem is that the technology we look monolithic: that she or good or bad. But it is not. It is a means, a tool, ” said Linda Burch of the organization Common Sense Media. The tool that helps parents to stay connected with their children, or a means of connecting us with friends, or enhances the shopping experience. Bridget Karlin from Intel says that the association enriches our world.


“At the present time, the value of technology not only in new products and devices but the experience that it allows us,” adds Bridget Karlin. The Internet has changed the way people meet. Through social media or web page Dating, users are exposed to a much larger group of people than was previously possible. And that’s the other good thing about technology, says Sam Yagan, who led several websites to learn. “One of the three marriages begins on the Internet, and I can tell you that among both marriages and relationships have emerged much greater diversity, which I think is positive for the world,” said Sam Yagan. The technology is a positive thing and because it represents a new platform for students – which was not there before.

“It is quite incredible how all children use technology to express their creativity! And it’s very exciting just among young people,” says Linda Burch of the organization Common Sense Media. This feeling, however, with his parents mingled with fear of technology. “In itself, however, we wonder, well, but how it affects the minds of our children? In what direction it develops technology? Indeed we wonder what kind of world awaits us and how we will deal with it when today’s children are beginning to use technology from the very beginning” asks Linda Burch. Studies show that screen time is a bad influence on the social characteristics.


“The last 30 years we have been measuring empathy among students in every possible way, and see that it dropped by 40 percent,” said Sherry Turkle from the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sherry Turkle is a specialist social science and says that empathy is born and develops in a mutual interview people.

According to her, the technology reduces and our other social skills. “We were so used to the constant stimulation, and that the phone is always with us, that we began to lose the ability to be alone; ability to self-reflection and self-limiting,” warns Sherry Turkle. But while the debate continues on the positive and negative aspects connected world, technology is still developing and will take us into a new discussion on how to make the people – who are social beings, should be used.


Computerized communication and overall cyber-culture perhaps more clearly than other scientific achievements show the inseparable connection between technology and society. Allowing specific social interactions of millions of people from around the world, and the creation of virtual identity, social relationships and community – computer technology and communication touched the basic elements of society, showing to what extent technology created at a certain level of cultural development in return can affect the development of society and culture.

American anthropologist Arturo Escobar points out that the new lines of study in the social sciences technologies significantly change the conventional wisdom in this area. “In conventional approaches to technology is closely identified with tools or machinery. … As a form of ‘applied science’, the technology is considered independent of the company and value-neutral.”. Sixties awareness of the negative effects of nuclear and industrial technology led to the questioning of the traditional view of science and technology as independent of socio-historical and political context, and begin the comparative study of science, technology, and society …

Communication involves sending messages from one person and receiving and exchanging these messages by the other or others. If the person sending the message that the other is not received or is not understood, communication is not achieved. Communication methods include speech, non-verbal communication, writing, audio – visual and electronic means. Messages may contain factual information, opinion or emotion.


In an organization, there is a great variety of messages to be transferred. Some are individual specific: feedback that the supervisor gives the execution of a task or which expresses concern about the continuing delays; or messages in which individuals talk about future plans in relation to his career. Other messages are team or group-oriented, as the current group goals or joint weekly action plans ….

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