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Dec 30

Adobe Photoshop

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

Adobe Photoshop, the best photo creating and editing software. Nowadays, computers are widely used in the storage and processing of images in various formats. Falling prices of digital cameras and scanners all over the image are stored in digital form on a computer. Computers have become an indispensable tool for processing and retouching photographs.

Web is unthinkable without the image content, occupies an important place in the presentation and advertising companies and institutions. The images that are presented on the Web must be processed and stored in a format suitable for display and transmission over the Internet.

Adobe Photoshop on the Mac OS X operating system

Adobe Photoshop software is intended for raster processing digital photos. Currently, the leading graphic tools and is intended for use on Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems. The company responsible for Photoshop called Adobe Systems.

The first version of the professional tool was released in February 1990 and only the Mac OS platform. Windows users are running the version of Photoshop 2.5, which was released in November 1992, received access to this program.

In recent years, the popularity of Photoshop led to the creation of a new Internet abbreviations – photoshop it (en. To photoshop something). The word is used to revise the photos for appropriate purposes (internet, e-mail, a joke). Photoshop is konstuiran in such a way that it can freely cooperate with other programs Adobe company, for example, Adobe InDesign.

Do you have a picture you want to take advantage of the web, album or simply print it, or do you think that when you enter into a computer (via a scanner, digital camera, camcorder, etc.) Has deteriorated? In the next few steps will be explained how to use Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is one of the better programs for processing, making and optimize raster images. In order to become more familiar with its capabilities should understand some basic concepts. Screening program means that it is a program that presents the image using the dots or pixels. It is a size that is not directly connected with the press. What is important to us is that we know the difference between pixels and DPI.

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Dec 25

What is a Computer Virus

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

What is a computer virus?

The computer virus is a  program designed with the intention of creating a malfunction and damage to various files and organized data on the PC.

They are called so because they have the ability to reproduce (themselves copied in several places on the disk or diskette).

The first viruses were programs that are interesting print, propaganda or humorous messages on your monitor. They were not destructive, so there was no need to develop any special protection. However, things have quickly changed.

In the late ’80s, computer viruses were pieces of code attached to the program as they were games or word processors. They are designed to run when you start one of these programs. We’re entered in the memory and looking for a suitable ground for expansion.

If they find what they’re looking for, began to their work, which can manifest itself in several ways.

Over time, the virus writers become more creative, because they learned new ” tricks ”. One of the best was the possibility of entering viruses in memory so that it stayed as long as you keep your computer running. This virus is allowed massive replication. Another interesting trick was the possibility of infection by a boot floppy or hard disk.

It is part of the disk that the system reads the after ignition computer.

Today, the spread of the virus on this ground many times less, because programs for virus protection guard boot sectors and the exchange program takes place via CD or the Internet.

CD can not be modified significantly reducing the possibility of spreading the virus. However, if the data before burning the CD does not test, there is a chance that the virus ” save ” him.

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Dec 25

Tools for creating a web page

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

Tools for creating a web page – Advantages and disadvantages of different tools

Internet is a medium that is extremely fast progressing and each day offers more possibilities, different services and destinies. The presence on the web today is not Luz care needs of any company or individual. Hence the need for creating a web page. The user may decide to build yourself a website or the entire job of making a website to let the person or company that is appropriate for the competent and professional conduct of the same.

Having a website is the most normal thing. In fact, even in our country began to watch strangely to accompanies that do not have them. The fact that there is an exceptional amount of web pages that look like as peas in a pod, means that our site must be unique and stand out with something which will attract visitors. To do the right thing are needed, of course, and the right tools. As the preparation of a serious website consists of many units such as making graphics, layout and design, and programming requires a whole set of tools; namely a suite of tools that function as a unit.

Web page can  be create in two ways: manually by typing the code in the text editor, like Notepad or by using one of the tools for creating Web pages that automatically generates code based on the actions that make the so-called WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). Creating a website coding is hard work that requires knowledge of HTML code.

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Dec 25

History of Technology

By Rahul Upase | technorahul

Development and Origin

Tech image

We all know that the technology has become an important factor in business and life. Its rapid development was reflected in all aspects of life. It is fairly said that technology now directs the development of the whole society.

Despite its positive side, people still realize that we should not blindly hand over the impact of rapid advances in innovation without the right to direct that influence.

The scientists who know the impact of innovation came to the conclusion that survival on this planet needs intelligent decisions. They prevent lightly acceptance of any “new technology”, regardless of its devastating effects on people and the environment. This means that the present time requires us to be “Control technology” and not just its users.

There are two definitions for technologies that are commonly used:

  • Technology is “the application of knowledge to solve human problems” and has a general nature and as such little use.
  • Technology means a group of processes, methods, procedures and equipment used for the production of goods and services. This definition focuses on the technology of the process and not on its products.

Selection of the process that was previously considered in the broadest sense is one of the choices of innovation. In a narrow sense, there are many possible choices of innovation in the context of a specific process. Hence, decisions of the selection process and innovation are closely related and they bring together in practice.

Application of high technology provides a uniform level of quality as opposed to a system with a low-tech solution. Despite all of the above mentioned, it is important to point out the decisions on the selection of innovative work on business strategy by linking it with the processes, equipment, tools and procedures, which means that it works on all parts of the production and overall business.

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