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Computer Software

By Rahul Upase | technorahul


Don’t worry! Want to know about Computer software? Below points will give you the information you are looking. Please continue.

Two basic types of software are:

System software – programs that are used to directly manage the physical work computers or hardware. This software allows a user interaction software with hardware. The modern name for the system software is the operating system. Some theorists believe Informatics compiler and other tools for software development work of the system software.

User software – programs designed to end users computer system. And these are the programs with which users of the processed data.

The execution of software or software by the user computer system today usually involves loading a user’s software and data from the hard disk, interactive data processing, and storage of data on the hard drive. In the past, rather than the hard drive used magnetic tapes or some other type of permanent memory.

The computer during execution software monitors the pre-determined set of commands to allow the user to analyze data in an appropriate manner.


Operating system (hereinafter OS) combines disparate parts of your computer into a harmonious whole and hides from the user details of how these parts that are not essential to the use of computers.

OS works as follows:

Manages programs, data, and parts of which are comprised computer (processor, controller, working memory), with the aim that they should be used as expedient
Provides accessible working environment for the end-user computer
In general terms, the operating system can be defined as a set of programs that manage computer system resources and provides the interface to the user.

The first function of the OS is a computer resource management (resource management). The term resource we mean all that is needed to operate the program. Resources can be hardware (processor, memory, I / O devices) and software (programs, data files). The task OS that takes into account the resources of computers

to meet the needs of the program, to monitor the program uses what resources etc.
In short, the OS is a collection of system programs that mediate between computer users PC hardware and the goal is to:

Executes user programs and facilitates the resolution of user problems
Use of computer system do more suitable for users
Enable more efficient utilization of computer hardware
OS consists of several relatively independent entities. Each brand has its own computer operating systems, it is difficult to make the general structure of OS. A hierarchical model of OS is composed of levels.

The hierarchical model has the following meaning:

the observed level OS can request service only from its lower

level, and not from higher. The lowest layer is known as the core of the OS (kernel).

Due to the size of OS relations and working memory, most of the OS does not fit in RAM. Therefore, the memory still is only the most important parts of the OS, so-called resident parts, which activate and execute user programs, allocated memory, and files and perform I / O operations.

Resident part of the OS must support mechanism stops because it’s based on the multi-operation.  Part of the OS, which must always be in memory usually is referred to as the core or kernel. Functions that are used by all levels must be placed in the core of the OS. Other parts are inserted into memory when needed and expelled when no longer needed.


There are many divisions OS based on various criteria: the number of users and/or processes, according to the mode of processing operations, according to the distribution of processing power and other resources, according to the purpose and functional characteristics.


According to many users, the operating systems are divided into:

The first single user (single-user)

Second multi-user (multi-user)

Single-user systems provide the virtual machine for a single user. These are Computer systems adapted for one function or it comes to lower-cost configuration and type micro-computers. That characterizes them inexpensive hardware, solid accompanying software, a simple file system, a simple I / O system.

Multi-user systems are quality OS that requires stronger hardware configuration.

A typical multi-user OS is UNIX, which provides simultaneous access to multiple users simultaneously, with users accessing the system via a special terminal.

Based on the number of simultaneous activities ie. To the number of processes that can be executed in parallel or similar, operating systems can be divided into:

Single-tasking (Single process)

Multitasking (Multiprocess)
Based on a combination of criteria OS can be distinguished in three types of operating systems:

The first single-process (single user, single tasking) such as MS-DOS

The second single-user multitasking (single-user, multi-tasking), such as OS / 2 and MS Windows 3.1 / 9x / Me

The third multi-user multitasking (multiuser, multitasking) such as UNIX, or conditionally can be accepted and MS Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 if you are enabling terminal services.


The programming language is an artificial language that can be used to control the behavior of machines, especially computers.

Programming languages are defined via syntactic and semantic rules that respectively describe their structure and meaning. Many programming languages have some form of written specification of their syntax and semantics, and some are defined only through the official implementation.

Programming languages are used to facilitate communication with a computer during the organization and manipulation of information, but also to accurately express algorithms. Some authors restrict the term “programming language” only the languages that can express all possible algorithms, and sometimes use the term “computer language”, referring to the more limited artificial languages.

In the meantime, he created thousands of programming languages, and new ones are created every year.


The programming language is any of the artificial languages that it is possible to give detailed instructions to a computer. These instructions can be executed directly when the built-in computer in a special format specified by brand, so-called. machine language, after a simple process of replacing expressed in the appropriate assembly language, or after converting from a higher level language.

Machine and assembly language are low levels requiring from developers to devote himself to the management of all matters relating to safeguarding data and operations on them. At the other end are high-level languages, which are closer to natural language and liberate programmers worry about these things, too readable and much easier to write programs.

Dec 30

Adobe Photoshop

By Rahul Upase | Technology

Adobe Photoshop, a best photo creating and editing software. Nowadays, computers are widely used in the storage and processing of images in various formats. Falling prices of digital cameras and scanners all over the image is stored in digital form on a computer. Computers have become an indispensable tool for processing and retouching photographs.

Web is unthinkable without the image content, occupies an important place in the presentation and advertising companies and institutions. The images that are presented on the Web must be processed and stored in a format suitable for display and transmission over the Internet.

Adobe Photoshop on the Mac OS X operating system

Adobe Photoshop software is intended for raster processing digital photos. Currently, the leading graphic tools and is intended for use on Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems. The company responsible for Photoshop called Adobe Systems.

The first version of the professional tool was released in February 1990 and only the Mac OS platform. Windows users are running the version of Photoshop 2.5, which was released in November 1992, received access to this program.

In recent years, the popularity of Photoshop led to the creation of a new Internet abbreviations – photoshop it (en. To photoshop something). The word is used to revise the photos for appropriate purposes (internet, e-mail, a joke). Photoshop is konstuiran in such a way that it can freely cooperate with other programs Adobe company, for example, Adobe InDesign.

Do you have a picture you want to take advantage of the web, album or simply print it, or do you think that when you enter into a computer (via a scanner, digital camera, camcorder, etc.) Has deteriorated? In the next few steps will be explained how to use Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is one of the better programs for processing, making and optimize raster images. In order to become more familiar with its capabilities should understand some basic concepts. Screening program means that it is a program that presents the image using the dots or pixels. It is a size that is not directly connected with the press. What is important to us is that we know the difference between pixels and DPI.Continue reading

Dec 25

Antivirus Programs

By Rahul Upase | Technology

Antivirus Programs

IT beginners is almost impossible to explain what the virus is . Computer viruses are called viruses because someone once thought that this concept to inexperienced users easily visualize how they spread and what their consequences. Those real viruses are not visible to the naked eye, a computer much less. In short, a computer virus (hereinafter referred to as a virus) is a kind of programs that are in some automated way of expanding the computer and doing some damage on these computers. Hence Antivirus plays a very important role in device’s safety.

“A computer virus is a computer program that can infect other computer programs by modifying them so that it involves creating their own copies.”

It is good to point out that it is not necessary that the program needs to do some damage (such as deleting files and damage) so that it can be classified into a group of viruses. There is a clear difference between what Cohen considered a “virus” and the one for which it is most agree it is a virus.

Unnecessarily occupies space on the hard disk or memory (and thus slows down your computer, or your connection slows down when you are connected to the Internet), whether you just throw a message that tells you that you are stupid (but you may have to mentally negotiate), either that you erase your data on your computer, or changing them (eg. financial data of January mixed randomly with the road), or, perhaps worse, send your contracts, images or texts of some private nature on a random e-mail address (maybe you can lucky and someone you know).

From these findings it is clear that it is necessary to make some effort to keep people who use computers have become aware of the existence of the virus and to prevent the continued indifference to this problem by creating a so actually even greater. Continue reading

Dec 25

Tools for creating a web page

By Rahul Upase | Technology

Tools for creating a web page – Advantages and disadvantages of different tools

Internet is a medium that is extremely fast progressing and each day offers more possibilities, different services and destinies. The presence on the web today is not Luz care needs of any company or individual. Hence the need for creating a web page. The user may decide to build yourself a website or the entire job of making a website to let the person or company that is appropriate for the competent and professional conduct of the same.

Having a website is the most normal thing. In fact, even in our country began to watch strangely to accompanies that do not have them. The fact that there is an exceptional amount of web pages that look like as peas in a pod, means that our site must be unique and stand out with something which will attract visitors. To do the right thing are needed, of course, and the right tools. As the preparation of a serious website consists of many units such as making graphics, layout and design, and programming requires a whole set of tools; namely a suite of tools that function as a unit.

Web page can  be create in two ways: manually by typing the code in the text editor, like Notepad or by using one of the tools for creating Web pages that automatically generates code based on the actions that make the so-called WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). Creating a website coding is hard work that requires knowledge of html code. Continue reading

Dec 25

History of Technology

By Rahul Upase | Technology

Development and Origin

Tech image


We all know that the technology has become an important factor in business and life. Its rapid development was reflected in all aspects of life. It is fairly said that technology now directs the development of the whole society.

Despite its positive side, people still realize that we should not blindly hand over the impact of rapid advances in innovation without the right to direct that influence.

The scientists who know the impact of innovation came to the conclusion that survival on this planet needs intelligent decisions. They prevent lightly acceptance of any “new technology”, regardless of its devastating effects on people and the environment. This means that the present time requires us to be “Control technology” and not just its users.

There are two definitions for technologies that are commonly used:

  1. Technology is “the application of knowledge to solve human problems” and has a general nature and as such little use.
  2. Technology means a group of processes, methods, procedures and equipment used for the production of goods and services. This definition focuses on the technology of the process and not on its products.

Selection of the process that was previously considered in the broadest sense is one of the choices of innovation. In a narrow sense, there are many possible choices of innovation in the context of a specific process. Hence, decisions of the selection process and innovation are closely related and they bring together in practice.

Application of high technology provides a uniform level of quality as opposed to a system with a low-tech solution. Despite all of the above mentioned, it is important to point out the decisions on the selection of innovative work on business strategy by linking it with the processes, equipment, tools and procedures, which means that it works on all parts of the production and overall business. Continue reading

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